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Funchal, Madeira , Portugal
Saturday March 17, 2018 — Monday March 19, 2018

March 20, 2018

Frascati , Italy
Tuesday March 20, 2018 — Friday March 23, 2018

March 27, 2018

Cambridge, MA , USA
Tuesday March 27, 2018 — Friday March 30, 2018
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ESA tender opportunity opens for the evolution of GMES Services

ESA has issued an Invitation to Tender (ITT) to analyse the evolution of GMES Services over the next decade. This ITT (05.1AE.08 on the EMITS system) was issued on 17-Oct and will close on 25-Nov 12:00 am. A single contract (of 1.5 MEuro maximum, & duration 12 months) is planned to analyse the evolution of GMES services over the next decade, assess the requirements arising from this evolution and formulate designs for operational implementation of service production, delivery and use. (More info at ESA-EMITS)

Commissioner Potočnik meets new Scientific Council at its inaugural meeting

Janez Potocnik, European Commissioner for Science and Research, will meet the new 22-member Scientific Council, which has been established to head up the future European Research Council, at its inaugural meeting in Brussels today. The European Research Council will fund the best of European science and scholarship, as assessed by peer review, starting from 2007. The new Scientific Council - made up of scientists, engineers, scholars and research leaders ?± will play a key role in strengthening the quality and autonomy of scientific advice which underpins the research funding decisions made.(Credits EUROPA-EU)

Interview Autumn 2005


UN-OOSA Emphasises Role of Satellite Technology in disaster reduction

Making the benefits of space technology, in particular satellite applications, available to all countries, including developing nations, in order to mitigate the devastation caused by natural disasters, is one of the activities of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs ( Credits UN-OOSA).

ESA ITT opens for geographic expansion of European EO services

The Invitation To Tender (ITT), Response to Industry wide issues: Geographic expansion for European EO services (ref: AO4942) is now open, and will close on the 18 November 2005 at 12:00 hours. (Credits ESA)

EU seeks to bridge economy-environment divide

The European Commission is to create a new high-level group on competitiveness, energy and environment by the end of this year. The EU executive announced the initiative on Wednesday as part of a new industrial policy for Europe. (Credits ENDS Environment Daily)

integrated industrial policy: create conditions for manufacturing to thrive

In the face of globalisation and intense international competition, the European Commission has launched a new industrial policy to create better framework conditions for manufacturing industries in the coming years. (Credits DG- Enterprise & Industry)

International Charter on 'Space & Major Diasters' completes 5 years

The International Charter on 'Space and Major Disasters', a cooperation initiative created between the European Space Agency (ESA), the National Centre on Space Studies of France (CNES) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has completed five years. (International Charter)

Meeting with space industry

Following one of the recommendations contained in the Communication on?Æ European Space Policy: Preliminary Elements?Æ of 23 May 2005 and in compliance with orientations of the second Space Council, the Unit in charge of Space Policy within Directorate General Enterprise and Industry has organised a consultation of a panel of industrialists. The panel of industry representatives was including participants from all types of companies: large system integrators, SMEs, operators, service companies, added value services providers, ...). (Credits Europa)

Earth science community wants more Earth Explorers

Following the Call for Ideas for the next Earth Explorer Core missions, a total of 24 proposals had been submitted by the deadline in August. This clearly shows that there is massive interest from the scientific community in ESA's Living Planet Programme and that Earth Explorers are providing the community with a host of new tools to forward their scientific agenda. (Credits at ESA)

EU-FP7 programme

The Specific Programmes under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. (Credits at Europa)

Virtual tour at ESA-ESRIN

http://www.esa.int/esrin A new site launched today takes a fresh look at ESRIN, ESA??s centre in Italy. Learn more about the activities taking place here in Frascati and enjoy a virtual tour of the site by visiting www.esa.int/esrin.

Workshop on 'The Future of Space R&T in Europe' in October

To support a coordinated approach to space technology development in Europe, ASD-Eurospace, and the European space industry will organise a dedicated workshop on October 24th and 25th, 2005 in Paris. (Location: Les Salons de l'Aveyron). (Credits Eurospace)

SSTL and UniS launch PRC satellite to aid in natural disasters

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) and the University of Surrey (UniS) cordially invite members of the media to the live televised launch of the China DMC+4 earth observation satellite on Tuesday, 27 September at 7.52 a.m. at UniS School of Management. (Credits Innovations Report)

ESA tender opportunity opens for representation of EO service sector

Response to Industry wide issues: Representation of the combined capabilities and views of the EO service sector (Info at ESA-EOMD)

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