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22 October 2018 — 26 October 2018

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29 October 2018 —  2 November 2018

Kyoto , Japan
29 October 2018 —  2 November 2018
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Bilbao , Spain
29 October 2018 — 31 October 2018

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November 05, 2018

Vienna , Austria
5 November 2018 —  9 November 2018
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Official Criticism of Ordnance Survey Is Good News For UK Entrepreneurs

A successful and ground breaking complaint has been brought by Intelligent Addressing Limited, a leading addressing and data management specialist against Ordnance Survey, which should prove a crucial catalyst for innovation and enterprise and help ensure the wider use of public sector information in the UK.(Credits Spatialnews)

South Korea To Launch Arirang-2 EO Satellite

by Staff Writers. Seoul, South Korea (SPX) Jul 18, 2006 South Korea plans to launch a satellite for geographical updates, natural resource searches and environmental observation from a Russian spaceport late this month, government officials have announced. (Credits Spacemart)

British Geological Survey award aerial photo contract to BlueSky Infoterra

BlueSky International Ltd and Infoterra Ltd, have secured a contract to supply national digital aerial photography to the British Geological Survey (BGS). (Credits AGI)

Korea to Launch High-Res. Observation Satellite

Korea will launch the multipurpose satellite Arirang 2, which can track objects the size of a car, from Russia on July 28. (Credits English.Chosun)

3D Laser Mapping Appoints Reutech Radar Systems as Distributor

3D Laser Mapping Ltd is boosting its presence worldwide with the appointment of a distributor for Southern Africa. (Credits Spatialnews)

Orion Technology Inc. Attains Gold Certified Partner Status in Microsoft Pa

Orion Technology Inc. announced today that it has attained Gold Certified status in the Microsoft Partner Program with a Software Solutions competency, recognizing Orion??s expertise and total impact in the technology marketplace. (Credits Spatialnews)

Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System up and running

Eighteen months after the tragic tsunami of December 2004, the entire Indian Ocean region has a warning system capable of receiving and distributing tsunami advisories around the clock.

Russia Launches New Remote Detection Satellite

Russia on Thursday launched a new remote-sensing satellite which is due to take high-resolution photographs of Earth (Credits SpaceMart)

Discover the world in 1 000 images

One thousand spectacular images of the Earth are now available in ESA??s Earth Images Gallery, highlighting the enormous potential of satellites to provide close-up views of key locations across our planet. (Credits ESA)

ESA Picks SSTL To Develop Atmospheric CO2 Detector

ESA has awarded Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. an 18-month contract, worth 400,000 euros ($500,000) to develop a new detector to detect levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. (Credits Terradaily SSTL)

ITT: Special Issue on Earth Observation for Biodiversity and Ecology

The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) has identified Biodiversity and Ecosystems as two of nine Societal Benefit Areas for the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). (Credits GEOGroup)

"Nowcasting" techniques are becoming increasingly important

Severe and extreme weather moves quickly and can cause momentous damage to life and property in a short period of time, as vividly evidenced by the recent disasters in the Gulf Coast, South-East Asia and Pakistan.

EU programmes for the financial programming period 2007-2013

Q&A on the legislative package of EU programmes for the financial programming period 2007-2013. (Credits Europa)

Analysis of Industry Issues for Representation

This is the first report published by the eoVox consortium. It presents the findings from the initial consultation of the EO value adding sector and existing EO-related representation bodies in Europe and Canada.

eovox: opening a window for the future

eoVox is an opportunity for all companies to voice their viewpoint on the future of the European and Canadian EO service industry. (Credits eoVox)

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