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August 24, 2020

Calgary, Canada ,
24 August 2020 — 29 August 2020

September 21, 2020

SPIE Europe’s Remote Sensing symposium
EICC in Edinburgh , United Kingdom
21 September 2020 — 24 September 2020

September 28, 2020

ESA Phi-week
Frascati , Italy
28 September 2020 —  2 October 2020

October 08, 2020

Copernicus Industry Workshop
Brussels , Belgium
8 October 2020

October 13, 2020

13 October 2020 — 15 October 2020

October 18, 2020

18 October 2020 — 21 October 2020

October 20, 2020

Tunis, Tunisia ,
20 October 2020 — 22 October 2020

October 26, 2020

Kigali, Rwanda ,
26 October 2020 — 30 October 2020

November 02, 2020

Port Elizabeth ,
2 November 2020 —  5 November 2020

December 07, 2020

European Space Week
Bonn , Germany
7 December 2020 — 11 December 2020
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EU seeks to bridge economy-environment divide

The European Commission is to create a new high-level group on competitiveness, energy and environment by the end of this year. The EU executive announced the initiative on Wednesday as part of a new industrial policy for Europe. (Credits ENDS Environment Daily)

Meeting with space industry

Following one of the recommendations contained in the Communication on?Æ European Space Policy: Preliminary Elements?Æ of 23 May 2005 and in compliance with orientations of the second Space Council, the Unit in charge of Space Policy within Directorate General Enterprise and Industry has organised a consultation of a panel of industrialists. The panel of industry representatives was including participants from all types of companies: large system integrators, SMEs, operators, service companies, added value services providers, ...). (Credits Europa)

Virtual tour at ESA-ESRIN

http://www.esa.int/esrin A new site launched today takes a fresh look at ESRIN, ESA??s centre in Italy. Learn more about the activities taking place here in Frascati and enjoy a virtual tour of the site by visiting www.esa.int/esrin.

EARSC welcomes sixteen new Members!

Following a Membership Campaign, the EARSC Board is glad to welcome the new Members in our Association: - Aerodata International Surveys, BE - Aurensis, SP - ControlWare, BE - DNV, NO (Observer) - GMV S.A., SP - Kongsberg Spacetec AS, NO - LATUV-Funge, SP (Observer) - Noveltis, FR - RSI Inc, CH - Spacedat s.r.l., IT - Spacemetric, SE - Tele-Rilevamento Europa TRE, IT - TNO Space, NL (Observer) - Vega Group PLC, UK - Vito nv, BE (Observer) - VTT-IT, FI (Observer)

Governments should use space more effectively to address society's needs

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has published a report advising governments to use space technology more wisely in order to address civil needs. Cordis-RTD-News©

Research and development co-operation between Italy and Canada

Italy and Canada have stepped up their scientific co-operation by signing a series of agreements on research and development

Call for Membership

In these times of intensified European integration and co-operation, the role of EARSC is becoming increasingly vital, that is for, the Association maintains close links with key European Institutions, European Space Agency and National Space Agencies, providing a key unified voice on wider European issues. EARSC has the challenge to be a representative association at European level and a lobbying collective voice towards governments and data providers for a coherent and dynamic development of Earth Observation.

Europe moves closer to European Space Policy lift-off

Info extracted from Cordis News.
Ministers from the countries affiliated to the EU and/or the European Space Agency met on 7 June to take stock of progress towards the implementation of a European Space Policy. The policy is set to be approved at the next meeting of ministers in November.

European space policy will take off before the end of 2005

The second European ?¨Space Council?Æ was held in Luxembourg. Ministers from the European Union (EU) and/or Space Agency (ESA) Member States encouraged the Commission to complete its proposal for a European space policy and programme due to be approved at a third Space Council meeting planned for the end of November 2005. For the first time, there has been a consensus of 29 European countries on a new European approach in the space sector. The roles of the different actors have been clarified, leading to a better use of existing resources. The Commission has proposed uniting resources in Europe with the objective of making the EU a key player in the space sector. Info extracted from EU

China, EU to sign seven contracts for Galileo program

BEIJING, June 9 (Xinhuanet) -- Galileo Joint Undertaking (GJU) and National Remote Sensing Center of China (NRSCC) will sign seven contracts soon, said a GIU official Thursday. The cooperation between China and European Union (EU) on satellite navigation is "crucially important" and expected to have a very successful future, said executive director Rainer Grohe in press release about the NRSCC officials' meeting. Info extracted from News-Xinhuanet

CSA and ASI: long-term agreement to formalize continued cooperation in EO

i-newswire.com. The newly ratified agreement lays the groundwork for ongoing cooperation on projects and activities in which Canada and Italy have a common interest. In particular, it will enable joint programs for Earth observation to be set up, and encourage participation by the space agencies, private companies, and universities of the two countries.

Further steps towards a European space policy

The second meeting of the Space Council ?± concomitant meeting of the ESA Council at ministerial level and of the European Union Competitiveness Council (Internal Market/Industry/Research) ?± was held at the Kiem Conference Centre in Luxembourg today. In consultation with private and public stakeholders, the Space Council is working on the definition of a coherent space policy and associated programmes, covering the activities of the EU, ESA and their Member States. The objective is to endorse, at the third Space Council meeting planned for November this year, a European space policy and European space programme for the period to 2013. Info extracted from ESA PR29-2005- 7 June 2005

Business Cooperation: Canada & Finland

Canadian space companies and their industry partners from Finland have been selected to develop four remote-sensing projects through a unique international partnership that will promote the commercial potential of satellite products and services for both Canada and Finland. Source at newswire

Communication sketching aspects of the forthcoming European Space Policy

For the first time the document reveals the likely components of the policy, namely: a strategy outlining objectives; a definition of the roles and responsibilities of the main actors; a European Space Programme identifying the priorities of the main actors; and a set of implementing principles. Info extracted at CORDIS

Vexcel Acquires Synoptics

Vexcel Corporation, a world leader in remote sensing technologies and services, announced today that it recently acquired the assets of Synoptics, a Netherlands-based remote sensing company and provider of satellite-based geo information and geographical information systems (GIS).

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