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SPIE Europe’s Remote Sensing symposium
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ESA Phi-week
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Copernicus Industry Workshop
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8 October 2020

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December 07, 2020

European Space Week
Bonn , Germany
7 December 2020 — 11 December 2020
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Preparation of the Competitiveness Council of Ministers, Brussels, 28th /29th November 2005

The EU Competitiveness Council will meet in Brussels on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th November starting at 10.00 on Monday under the chairmanship of, the Alan Johnson, United Kingdom Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. The European Commission will be represented by Vice President G¬?nter Verheugen, responsible for Enterprise and Industry, Charlie McCreevy, Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services, Stravos Dimas, Commissioner for Environment and Janez Poto_nik, Commissioner for Science and Research. (Credits Europa Rapid press release)

GMES User Workshops on pilot services

The European Commission has recently conducted a series of user workshops to define initial Europe-wide pilot services within the GMES (Global monitoring for Environment and Security) initiative. The three events on Land, Marine and Crisis/Emergency services attracted a well represented user European community, underlining the will to have a first set of services operational by 2008, as requested by the Council of the Member States. (Credits Europa)

ESA participating in UN's Montreal summit working for a better atmosphere

More than 10 000 representatives of national governments, international organisations and non-governmental organisations are expected at the first meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (COP/MOP 1), held in conjunction with the eleventh session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 11) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This joint summit takes place in Montreal’s Palais des Congr?ãs from 28 November to 9 December.

Integration of the New EU Member Countries into the GMES Programme

The Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) programme will establish an operational capacity in 2008. It shall integrate space-, air-, ground- and sea-based observation platforms for regional and global monitoring, providing essential information for policy- and decision-makers and to European citizens. (Credits EURISY)

International Charter on 'Space & Major Diasters' completes 5 years

The International Charter on 'Space and Major Disasters', a cooperation initiative created between the European Space Agency (ESA), the National Centre on Space Studies of France (CNES) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has completed five years. (International Charter)

Reaching out to the New EU Member States:Cooperation on Applied EO/GMES

This Conference, hosted by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), will provide a forum to discuss the potentials of enhanced cooperation in applied earth observation (EO) in Germany and the new EU Member States. (Credits DLR)

To Lisbon...and Beyond:Market Access & External Aspects of Competitiveness

The European Commission's Fifth Market Access Symposium, chaired by Peter Mandelson, European Commissioner for Trade (Info at Europa)

Design global ocean-related hazards early warning system

3-5 Aug 2005. Experts meet in Australia to design global ocean-related hazards early warning system. (Credist News a Head)

Emissions credits to be issue at G-8

(Source IHT- The Asahi Shimbun) At this week's Group of Eight summit, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi will propose easing conditions on Kyoto Protocol projects to make emissions credits easier for Japan and other nations to get, government sources said. Preventing global warming is one of the top issues on the agenda for the G-8 summit from Wednesday to Friday in Gleneagles, Scotland, along with addressing poverty, especially in Africa.

Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Concludes 48th Sess in Vienna

Agreement on Contribution to the 2005 World Summit Reached; Space and Water Discussed VIENNA, 20 June (UN Information Service) -- During its 48th session, which was held in Vienna from 8 to 17 June, the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) agreed on a text that could be transmitted to the President of the United Nations General Assembly by Member States of COPUOS for incorporation into the draft outcome document of the 2005 World Summit, to be held from 14 to 16 September 2005. Info extracted from Spaceref.

NERC to review ESA contributions

A consultation meeting to review achievements of NERC??s investments into ESA??s environmental science programmes and future requirements for EOEP-3 The Natural Environment Research Council is to hold a consultation meeting on 27 June in London to review its spending on the European Space Agency's environmental science programmes and future requirements for the Earth Observation Envelope Programme. Info extracted from NERC and ResearchResearch

Group on Earth Observations meets in Geneva

The intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO) held its first meeting at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Headquarters in Geneva on May 3-4. Government representatives from 60 nations and the European Commission as well as members from over 40 international and intergovernmental organizations participated.

Earth Observation Industry Summit

The first Earth Observation Industry Symposium was held on February 2005 co organized by EARSC (European Association of Remote Sensing Companies) and EUROSPACE (Association of European Space Industry) under the umbrella of the European Union as a part of its first Earth and Space Week.

Exploring the links presentations from space industry at the service of the citizen

  1. EO Industry Summit programme
  2. Industry Summit Welcome and Objectives: EARSC & EUROSPACE
  3. EO Industry Summit Keynote Speech: DG ENTR (H. Zourek)
  4. European Industrial Activities: EARSC (A. Jadot)
  5. International Industrial Activities: The Alliance for Earth Observation (B. Gerding)
  6. International Industrial Activities: Open Geospatial Consortium (G. Percivall)
  7. Advances in GMES: Euforeo (G. Cannizzaro)
  8. Advances in GMES: Geoland (A. Saint Vincent)
  9. Advances in GMES: Roses (P. Blatt)
  10. Advances in GMES: Respond (R. Shaull)
  11. Advances in GMES: Puma (P. Counet)
  12. Advaces in GMES: Eurorisk (A. Kaptein)
  13. Advances in GMES: GMES Bulgaria (K. Iliev)
  14. Advances in GMES: Win Istos (O. Greening)
  15. Advances in GMES: Marine Coastal (H. Wensink)
  16. Future perspectives on GMES from Industry: Alcatel Space (J. Chenet)
  17. Future perspectives on GMES from Industry: Dutch Space (B. Spee)
  18. Future perspectives on GMES from Industry: LogicaCMG (P. Norris)
  19. Future perspectives on GMES from Industry: Sener (M. Sierra)
  20. Future perspectives on GMES from Industry: Spot Image (M. Bernard)
  21. Future perspectives on GMES from Industry: Telespazio (E. Saggese)
  22. Future perspectives on GMES from Industry: Alenia Spazio- (M. di Lazzaro)
  23. Future perspectives on GMES from Industry- EADS Astrium- (E. Dudok)
  24. Future perspectives on GMES from Industry: Indra Espacio- (V. Ruiz)
  25. Future perspectives on GMES from Industry: Raytheon (C. Hood)
  26. Role of Industry in GMES, Saab Ericsson Space
  27. EO Industry Summit organized by EARSC & EUROSPACE, Conclusions and Recommendations
  28. SynthesisEOSummit (P. Sourisse)

Earth & Space Week, Brussels 2005

The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies, EARSC and the Association of the European Space Industry EUROSPACE are engaged in developing new strategies and new concepts of operation
to meet an entirely different set of challenges for these exciting
times of intensified European interaction and cooperation. One of these challenges is to be one of the focal points of Earth Observation in Europe both for Industry or Institutional Bodies and also for our involvement at the biggest joint ESA and EU initiative which is the Earth & Space Week linking governments, industry and users. The event is to be held in Brussels during nine days from 12th-20th February 2005 where it will highlight the essential role of space in our daily life.

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