Jul 14, 2014

2nd EUROGI imaGIne Conference 2014

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A key aim of the conference is to showcase the best Europe has to offer in the GI field.

Smart cities, energy, demography, job creation and economic growth, environment, open information and transparent governance are some of the main fields in which the role of GI will be considered in detail during interactive sessions. Another area of focus will be the European Union’s multi-billion investment in Copernicus, a satellite based initiative which in the coming years will provide massive amounts of new detailed GI which can be used across many fields.

As a practical example of the application of GI there will be a session which focusses on the insurance industry. Examples of how costs can be avoided and efficiency gains can be made will be showcased. Whilst the focus will be on the insurance industry delegates could get insights which apply to many other sectors, such as retail, transport, health, safety and security.
We all are acutely aware that we live in an increasingly globalised world. Apart from focussing on specific areas such as energy etc and an industry (insurance) top speakers will place Europe in a global GI context; what are our current strengths and weaknesses and where are the globally emerging opportunities on the basis of new and emerging GI technologies.

Flyer with all basic information is availabe here