Jun 19, 2014

2nd Annual GEO-empower Middle East Summit

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(9-11 November 2014, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). Mapping The Dimensions And Directions Of Geospatial Industry For Regional Development And Security.

Event overview

it is special because it is Geo-spatiaL

though sounds like a very general statement, holds a lot of meaning in itself. From being just a small subset of ICt, it has grown incredibly into one of the fastest growing industries. What is special in geospatial is its ability to empower every industry with efficiency and sustainability. Nations today are facing numerous challenges such as energy securtity, food security, climate change, defence and security, competitive businesses, etc., there is an increased need of enhanced decision making and intelligent use of resources for achieving high levels of productivity with maximum efficiency and sustainability. Geospatial is the key to these challenges. Natural threats or human induced challenges, geospatial is empowering nations to fight back and sustain. Middle east is the region of transforming dreams into reality. It is miraculous that a desert dominated region is blossoming today with world class infrastructure and is setting high standards of sustainability and security. Middle east’s commitment to excellence in every industry sector has resulted in its adoption of latest and state of the art technologies for revolutionising their work processes. the region has been a pioneer in developing and implementing geospatial technology for economic development and regional security. It provided an excellent incubation ground for geospatial technology to transform into today’s full fledged industry which is running the lifelines of the region efficiently.

To mark the geo-leadership of the middle east, Fleming Gulf is proud to present its 2nd Annual Geo-empower Middle east Summit which will be held from 09-11 November 2014 in riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It will again be the region’s most powerful platform for the geospatial community to network and discuss their geospatial needs, plans, initiatives, technologies and applications. the agenda is packed with in-depth real life case studies of ongoing and completed projects, keynote presentations and interactive panel discussions which would discuss and benchmark crucial issues on how to seize new opportunities, develop innovative tools and how to use these tools to boost the regional economy.

contact: aditya.chopra@fleminggulf.com