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TRE Altamira (a CLS group company)

TRE ALTAMIRA: World leader in displacement monitoring services with satellite radar data

TRE ALTAMIRA has operated over 15 years in satellite RADAR data processing services, ranging from measuring ground motion over entire countries to identifying individual structure displacement.

Measuring surface deformation provides an understanding of ground response to subsurface activity, both natural and anthropological
We offer tailored services whatever your requirement.
We provide ongoing monitoring (with or without installing artificial reflectors), historical analysis and support for data visualization, interpretation and integration. Satellites monitor wide-area surface motion as well as single structure displacement at regular intervals. They are useful in understanding the response to ground instabilities and active working, and provide data for the evaluation of risk models.

Monitoring provides regular and accurate updates of surface motion in near real-time

Artificial Reflectors
Optimizing your monitoring projects with artificial reflectors
Proprietary single or double-geometry ARs

Historical Analysis
Archived satellite data are processed to measure retrospective surface motion

SqueeSAR™ Reporting
Executive Summary Reporting
Fast Reporting Service

Visualization platforms
TREmaps™, 3D VIEWER and WebGIS are web-platforms for data delivery and quick visualization of results.
Clients can take advantage of these solutions, rapidly visualizing millions of measurements points on an easy-to-use interface.

  • TREmaps™
  • WebGIS

Data Support
TRE ALTAMIRA always offers full client support for the interpretation and integration of surface deformation data. We draw on the expertise of our highly trained staff with diverse backgrounds including geologists, geophysicists, environmental engineers and radar specialists.

  • Toolbar for ArcGIS
  • Cross-section mapping tool
  • Integration with different monitoring programs
  • Additional training

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