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Our company is a spin off from the project “Establishment of Office for Aerospace Technologies for Crisis Management and Disaster response” – a joint project of the Bulgarian Space Research and Technologies Institute and the Bulgarian Centre (SRTI) for National Security and Defence Research. The main goals of the company are to support and promote the transfer and innovation of the aero space research and the technologies for Earth observation to the end users in the field of the protection of citizens, infrastructure and environment. We are active in the field of development of remote sensing sensors, systems and platforms, data processing and management, distribution and application of end user products and services.

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AddressBul. Acad. G.Bonchev, 4-th km Bl.1, Sofia 1113, Bulgaria
Phone+ 359 2 9883503
CategorySpace Research, Technologies and Innovations – Remote sensing services / Development sensors/systems and data processing
Disciplines- Space sciences - General Earth Observation - Natural hazards and disasters / Environmental; - Agriculture/ Vegetation/ Forest - Navigation / Communication Technology; - Data/Service Information/ Infrastructures/GIS
Products- Satellite Missions; - Airborne and Satellite sensors; - Research; Education &training; - Ground Sensors and Systems; - Software - System Components;
Dataset- Airborne data; - Ground based spatial data; - Satellite data; - Satellite/airborne derived information;
Projects1) FP 7 Projects: - Project № 218813 “Cooperation of space NCPs as a means to optimize services” – COSMOS; - Project № 218797 “Aerocapture for future space transportation” AEROFAST; - Project SEREN 2 2) CONTRACT NR CB/XX/16 financed by BELSPO: “Assess
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