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Reach-U AS (Regio)

Regio is mainly working on four fields of activity: mapping, geospatial data, geographical information systems (GIS) and mobile positioning. Earth Observation (EO) developments started in 2010 when Estonia became ESA’s cooperating state. Since 2011, Regio has also carried out many space related research projects using SAR and optical data and has high interest in space technologies and creating satellite data exploitation services. Regios previous ESA cooperation project (“Improving the Quality of Greenhouse Gas Inventory in Estonia – Estimating Forest and Wetland Emissions, Removals and Carbon Stocks” ESA/ESTEC contract number 4000103213/11/NL/KML) was strongly related to greenhouse gas inventory and included a countrywide forest biomass map, a land cover map according to IPCC guidelines and initial Emission Factors for forests and wetlands. This work will be continued through the advancement of forest and land cover monitoring in time to address the issues of climate change. Currently, there are around 8 optical/radar satellite data experts working in Regio and a large number of software engineers whose experience helps to create user-friendly and sophisticated software for operational services. Reach-U is the trademarked name of the mobile software division of Regio for offering LBS solutions worldwide. With more than 20 years of experience in the area of location-based and geoinformatics services, Reach-U has emerged as a key player in the location-based services (LBS) market. Reach-U applications are currently running commercially in diverse regions and commercial environments worldwide, being available to around 250 million end users around the world.

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