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Datacubes are allow providing massive spatio-temporal Earth data in homogenized, analysis-ready form, suitable for experts and non-experts alike. Our flagship product, rasdaman, is world technology leader in high-performance access and analytics on spatio-temporal datacubes, standing out through its flexibility,
scalability, security, open standards support, and planetary-scale federation capabilities on Big Earth Data. The full-stack rasdaman engine is mature and proven on multi-Petabyte 3D image timeseries and 4D weather forecasts, among others, with queries parallelized more than 1,000x in the Amazon cloud. The
rasdaman team originally has invented and patented queryable datacubes, and based on this experience is writing the OGC and ISO datacube standards since many years; rasdaman is official datacube reference implementation.

AddressHans-Hermann Sieling-Str. 17, 29759 -Bremen, Germany
DisciplinesAgriculture|Environment|Fresh water resources|Hydrology|Infraestructures|Transport
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