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Ocean Space Consult BV

Leading provider of market research, strategy development and consulting services to the industry worldwide. Our clients range from energy, coastal engineering and maritime companies to the major space industries and their contractors as well as financial houses and governments. We are an independent organisation and our research is supported by in house accessible databases, insight and knowledge.

Our engagements with clients occur at cor- porate, business unit or product/service line level.
- Productivity strategy; operational cost base review, profit margin re- view
- Revenue growth strategy; new market opportunity identification, acquisition profiling/scouting
- Customer value proposition strat- egy; service line business case, gap analysis of current offerings / brand perception
- Strategic relationship/partnership building; customer strategy moni- toring, identification of key rela- tionship/partnership criteria
- Market dynamics interpretation; future customer/buyer landscape assessment, equipment/service requirements forecasts

AddressVoorsterweg 28, Marknesse, 8316PT
DisciplinesCoastal zones|Environment|Ice|Oceans
DatasetSatellite data
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