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KSAT AS (Kongsberg Satellite Services)

KSAT Company profile and organisation

Kongsberg Satellite Services AS (KSAT) is a commercial Norwegian enterprise, providing services based on data from polar orbiting satellites. The company operates four ground stations; the Tromsø, Svalbard, Grimstad, (South Norway) and Antarctica. The Northern locations of Tromsø and SvalSat are ideal for data acquisition and TT&C services from polar orbiting satellites. SvalSat can access all 14 orbits per day of a polar orbiting satellite, while Tromsø can access 10 out of 14. With TrollSat this Southern location will enable KSAT to use the concept of Pole-to-Pole operations, with the ability to dump data on both poles. The KSAT oil and ship detection services are two of the core services within marine monitoring. The ship- and oil spill detection services operational today utilises RADARSAT-1, RADARSAT-2 SAR-data and ENVISAT ASAR. KSAT’s services are operating in waters all over the world. The KSAT processing facilities and distribution chain has been designed for fast deliveries of data to customers with operational needs. The objective is to provide information to the customer in near real-time, which in this context means in less than 30 minutes. The company has 125 employees.

Relevant skills and experience

KSAT history in EO business goes back to the 1960’s and operational services has been provided on a 24/7 basis 1997. The customers include national and international institutional as well as commercial users; pollution control authorities, defence and coast guards, offshore oil companies, shipping companies. During the recent 2-5 years KSAT has served the majority of the operational users in Europe having a need for operational oil spill detection. KSAT has also been involved in various product, service and market development activities, including participation/management of EC FRP projects on oil spills (Oceanides), maritime security (LIMES), integrated maritime information (MARNIS), and ESA Market Development Project (EOMD) on Oil Spill and Ship detection, ESA GSE project on ice applications (ICEMON), ESA GSE project on oil spills, MARCOAST and ESA GSE project and maritime security (MARISS). The active participation has prepared KSAT for being the responsible for setting-up a pan-European oil spill detection service for EMSA. The EMSA CleanSeaNet oil service is delivered by KSAT in cooperation with E-Geos and EDISOFT. The service has been fully operational since April 2007.

KSAT operates four ground stations. Two north of the polar circle; the Tromsø Station at 69°39 ́N 18°56 ́E and Svalbard Satellite Station (SvalSat) at 78°15 ́N 15°80 ́E. The Northern locations of Tromsø and SvalSat are ideal for data acquisition and TT&C services for polar orbiting satellites. SvalSat covers 14 of the daily 14 passes for most polar orbiting satellites. A ground station has also been established in Antarctica. This site, TrollSat, became operational in February 2007. This Southern location enables KSAT to utilize the concept of Pole-to-Pole interaction. In other words, polar orbiting satellites can perform TT&C and data downlink twice on each orbit, from a pair of ground stations in one network with an optimum location. The antenna in Grimstad, in the South of Norway, increases the visibility of the satellites for the KSAT network. This antenna enables KSAT direct download from the Mediterranean Sea in the South to the Polar regions in the North.

KSAT is also in the process of establishing a mid-Latitude network of ground stations with sitesin Dubai, Bangalore (India), Hartebeesthoek (South Africa), Singapore and Mauritius (TBC). This network is expected to become fully operational by the end of 2011.

The head office of KSAT is located in Tromsø, and today employs 100 of the 125 employees at KSAT. The remaining 25 are stationed at the ground station at Svalbard. KSAT’s antennas are controlled from Tromsø Network Operations Centre (TNOC). TNOC is the single point of contact for KSAT ground station services. Two engineers at TNOC perform round the clock operations. In other words, KSAT is operational 24/7 all year.

KSAT is ISO 9001 certified (see Appendix D). More information can be found at: http://www.ksat.no/.

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