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jeobrowser is a consultancy and software development SME specializing in geographical
information systems and Earth Observation field. It was founded in 2010 by Jérôme
Gasperi and it is based in Toulouse, France.

For years jeobrowser has been developing cutting edge applications in the EO domain.
It’s open source EO catalog and semantic search engine (resto) is at the core of several
projects including the French Sentinel Data Processing Center (PEPS), the THEIA Land
Data Center and the CREODIAS catalog. On the client side, the rocket web application
won the 2016 “European EO product of the year” award from EARSC.

jeobrowser is involved in the development of the 2016 Copernicus Masters ESA App
Challenge winner – SnapPlanet. SnapPlanet offers citizens and storytellers a new
medium to educate and communicate about the social, economic and environmental
issues that we face today on a global in a more impactful and trustworthy way by
providing a social mobile app to easily access, process and share Earth Observation


Semantic enhancement of Earth Observation data
iTag is a web service for the semantic enhancement of Earth Observation products, i.e.
the tagging of products with additional information about the covered area, regarding
for example geology, water bodies, land use, population, countries, administrative units
or names of major settlements.

REST search engine for geOspatialized data
resto is a metadata catalogue and a search engine dedicated to geospatialized data.

Originally, it’s main purpose it to handle Earth Observation satellite imagery but it can
be used to store any kind of metadata localized in time and space.

resto search API is compliant with the CEOS OpenSearch Best Practice Document
and is mentioned in ESA’s « Exploitation Platform Common Core Components » as the
closest implementation of a catalogue component according to the requirements
specified in ESA’s Exploitation Platform Open Architecture.

The Earth in your pocket
rocket is a Web application that provides a unique entry point to search, visualize and
download Earth Observation products from various catalogs.

An app for everyone to create and share pictures of the Earth from Space

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