BHO Legal Rechtsanwälte Partnership

BHO Legal is a boutique law firm based in Cologne, Germany, with currently seven lawyers specialized in international space law, EU regulatory law, procurement, IT, Data protection, IPR, R&D and contract law. Our main focus are on space, satellite navigation, earth observation and geospatial industries and related R&D and pro- jects. Since many years, we are heavily involved in the Copernicus and Gali- leo/EGNOS programmes and have also supported clients in other large Earth Observation Programmes (ENMAP, EDRS), FP7 projects or new ventures such as Cloud Computing for EO data and services.

Since several years we have close connections with EARSC and several of its member companies. We have supported an EARSC meeting with a presentation on the legal framework for EO/Geospatial services, have informally exchanged on EARSC position papers and have jointly participated to presentation meetings at the European Commission. The status of an Observer Member would provide ex- cellent opportunities to intensify the collaboration and to bring our legal and pro- ject expertise into EARSC.

BHO Legal is already member in numerous academic and industry associations, including for example the International Institute of Space Law, the European Centre for Space Law, BavAIRia e.V. or the Space and Communications Law Commit- tees of the International Bar Association. We are regularly organising larger con- ferences on EO, SatNav or space industry issues (Munich Satellite Navigation Summit – Legal Session, Contracting for Space, BavAIRia Legal Symposia), pro- vide in-house trainings to companies or contribute to legal work-packages of EU Research, Consultancy or Study projects. Currently we are building up a website with a database on international and European legal and policy frameworks for Earth Observation and Geospatial industries.

As Observer Member to EARSC, we could contribute to working groups focussing on legal and regulatory issues, to studies conducted by EARSC for the EU, ESA or other stakeholder organisations, to conferences organized by EARSC or to the production of position papers.

We can offer a wide range of support to EARSC members, including:
* In-house trainings e.g. on procurement law (ESA, EU etc.), IT, IPR, data protection etc.

  • Participation to Projects (Legal Work Packages)
  • Horizon 2020 Projects (Consortium Agreement, IPR Management and Exploitation Plans, Business Plan) 
  • Data Protection Compliance
  • IT-Security Compliance
  • Licensing of Data
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiation 
  • Legal Project Management
  • Strategic and Policy Support

The legal framework for Earth Observation industry is highly complex and running behind the rapid evolution of technologies and markets. Issues such as data pro- tection become more and more relevant and old approaches (exclusion of warran- ty and liability) are put in question with changing user demands. Parallel develop- ments such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Open Data etc. add to the overall legal complexities. The European Commission is initiating several regulatory initiatives (EO Data Security Regulation, Copernicus Data Policy etc.) which will strongly af- fect the EO industry.

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