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An Air Quality Analysis interface available anywhere. For Experts to advance Analysis. For non Experts to know impact on individuals, regulation & infrastructure.

Easy steps to explain
1. Choose the location you are most concerned about and allow AirNode interface to centre on this with a specific zone within this you want to know about Air Quality Analysis of. This is the IMPORT Functionality

Focus the X ray specs on a chosen location and zone within it.
2. Automatically calibrate AirNode Interface to analyse the zone for canyons, roads and alleyways where Air flows within the location and chosen zone resulting in a graphical Mesh of zone. Similar to turning on infra red. This is MESH functionality

Calibrate the X ray specs to interpret the zone and build a representation of it
3. Refine AirNode interface’s calibration to take into account any influences or variable maybe there is more interest in one canyon then this can be selected. Similar to choosing a user mode designer, architect, environment officer, client etc.. This is the REFINE functionality

Assess the X ray specs calibration and expertly append any influences or variable or zoom in on one zone within it
4. Allow an Expert Air Quality Analyst define the settings of the AirNode interface’s Air Flow or Air Pollution characteristic which most concerned about from PM to VOC and wind speed or turbulence properties before it is sent to the Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) module which simulate how Air Flows through the zone chosen. This is similar to going into Expert mode. This is the CFD Functionality.

Switch the X ray specs to expert settings and choose the setting for Air Flow within the zone it’s on
5. Visualise the Air Quality Analysis results on the AirNode Interface using animation to display the Air Flow of Air Pollution around the zone. Estimate at any location in 3D what the Air Quality level are at anytime, estimate the potential source of the Air Pollution. Use the AirNode interface to estimate effects of mitigation and of new building to a zone and what Air Quality changes would be. This is similar to putting on X ray specs. This is the VISUALISE Functionality.

Put on X ray specs and choose changes to zone to gain estimate

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