Christian Hoffman

Christian Hoffman


For GeoVille it is important to be a Member of EARSC, because EARSC is the only organisation promoting the interest of the European EO industry and underpinning its market position vis a vis non-European players and the increasing market distorting competition from European public institutions.

Chetan Pradhan

Chetan Pradhan


We find EARSC to be an immensely valuable networking forum, where we are able to build and maintain relationships both within the European Earth Observation value-adding industry, as well as with key external stakeholders including the European Commission, the European Space Agency, and many relevant end-user sectors. As members of EARSC we benefit from access to up-to-date information on issues affecting the European Earth Observation sector, and have the opportunity to raise concerns and issues with the confidence that they will be acted upon by EARSC and voiced at the appropriate levels to influence policy and make a difference.

Han Wensink

Han Wensink


For me EARSC is the Association that helps growing and professionalising the whole EO community including my own companies.


If your company fully support the aims and objectives as stated in the website reference, and accept the organisational and membership guidelines as described you need to fill up a request for Membership.


To become a member, you have to fill the membership application form beside.


When the form has been completed you should expect that EARSC secretariat will contact you, who will send the Application Template requesting more detailed information on your activities.
New members should be accepted by the Board of Directors; therefore the final process will request the 1) common EARSC template and 2) a _Motivation Letter_a signed pdf letter quoting an agreement with EARSC status, your company interest in the Association, and a brief description of your company activities, so we could circulate them for Director´s approval.


Once that documents have been filled-in and received back at “EARSC”:“mailto:secretariat@earsc.org, it will need to be taken approval by Board of Directors. Executive Secretary will contact your organization during the following week to welcome you as a new member. Alternatively, please contact the Secretariat for any questions.