Han Wensink

Han Wensink


For me EARSC is the Association that helps growing and professionalising the whole EO community including my own companies.

Chetan Pradhan

Chetan Pradhan


We find EARSC to be an immensely valuable networking forum, where we are able to build and maintain relationships both within the European Earth Observation value-adding industry, as well as with key external stakeholders including the European Commission, the European Space Agency, and many relevant end-user sectors. As members of EARSC we benefit from access to up-to-date information on issues affecting the European Earth Observation sector, and have the opportunity to raise concerns and issues with the confidence that they will be acted upon by EARSC and voiced at the appropriate levels to influence policy and make a difference.


Francis Vanderhaeghen

Independemt expert

The benefits for me are at least threefold: 1) EARSC as lobby organisation. EARSC represents the European value-added EO industry and is today well recognized by major stakeholders as ESA and EC. 2) EARSC as information provider. As member I am informed of the intentions, moves and changes ongoing within crucial stakeholders as ESA and EC and 3) EARSC as networkplatform for its members.


Become a Member and join the growing network of companies who benefit from our services and add their voice to the EO Community in Europe.

EARSC has grown during the last few years to 102 members in 2018 spread all over Europe. EARSC Membership brings them many benefits. Our voice as the representative of the EO sector is listened to by the European institutions where that of individual companies will not be. Hence, the more members we have the more effective we can be in promoting the interests of the sector whether this be for future research programmes, EO data policy, market development activities, policies to support the industry or the implementation of the Copernicus programme etc. Together we are stronger.

The active participation of members in developing EARSC positions and views to be promoted is always encouraged.

But companies also have many direct benefits from joining EARSC. Members are kept informed of news that may affect their business. We provide a monthly newsletter to members on our activities and a news service on what is happening globally that may affect the business of European companies. We organise meetings on important topics which allows members to learn about policy or market developments as well as to meet and exchange views. We are in almost daily contact with key stakeholders in the European Institutions in Brussels and policy makers in national capitals and publish several position papers every year.

By joining EARSC you will enjoy a number of benefits:

  • Political representation and access to policy makers
  • Strong European geo-informaiton service industry network and Pan-European exposure
  • Promotion of downstream services and applications
  • Participation in ongoing events and workshops
  • Access to R&D projects funding and support

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