Christian Hoffman

Christian Hoffman


For GeoVille it is important to be a Member of EARSC, because EARSC is the only organisation promoting the interest of the European EO industry and underpinning its market position vis a vis non-European players and the increasing market distorting competition from European public institutions.

Han Wensink

Han Wensink


For me EARSC is the Association that helps growing and professionalising the whole EO community including my own companies.


Francis Vanderhaeghen

Independemt expert

The benefits for me are at least threefold: 1) EARSC as lobby organisation. EARSC represents the European value-added EO industry and is today well recognized by major stakeholders as ESA and EC. 2) EARSC as information provider. As member I am informed of the intentions, moves and changes ongoing within crucial stakeholders as ESA and EC and 3) EARSC as networkplatform for its members.


EARSC is open to full and observer members with deeply interest in the geo-information sector. Membership gives you the opportunity to add your voice to the issues that matter, influencing national policy and setting industry standards

For our members, the annual membership dues are a cost-effective way to stay informed, promote their company, political and institutional representation, networking opportunities with industry players and help to support the future of geo-information Industry.

Please see the table below for details on the different types, benefits and costs of membership.

Profile Employees in EO and geo-information Yearly fees in 2018
Small, new companies formed in last five years 5 or less employees 1st year €250 / 2nd year €500 / 3rd year €825
Small companies <10 employees €825
Medium Companies 11-50 employees €1.650
Large Companies >51 employees €2.750
Observers €1.100