The members of EARSC are active on the growing market for the exploitation of EO data by converting these data in geo-information suitable and accessible for their clients. This conversion process, the customization of the products and the development and provision of services is characterized by addition of value for users/customers in the chain between data collection and exploitation of information. The development of EO technology from space and the continuous growth of a wide diversity of applications have created the basis of a new emerging service industry worldwide covering activities in value adding and the development of market segments in response to user needs.

Know more about the industry navigating through:

  • eoMALL and MAEOS study. The MAEOS study is examining the context in which the many EO services companies are operating and the extent to which new trends such as the projected (anticipated) market share increase for geospatial web services can be addressed through a Marketplace.
  • eoINDUSTRYsurveys. A detailed understanding of the Earth Observation sector and the trends.