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Evaluación del uso potencial de Galileo y Copérnico en el Perú


Expertise required

GEO and Amazon Web Services collaborate to provide cloud credits for projects that improve understanding of our planet


GEO member agencies and research organizations from developing countries are now able to access cloud services to help with the hosting, processing and analysis of big data about the Earth to inform decisions for sustainable development.

EO Quality Assurance Workshop


Can more rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) and uncertainty evaluation of the EO end-to-end supply chain play a role in increasing the uptake and overall value/benefit of EO based products and services? And could this be further enhanced by the creation of some form of ‘certification’. This workshop should explore existing insufficiencies, roles and responsibilities of various actors along the chain, opportunities for improvement and a road map for implementation.

The workshop will be organized in ESRIN, April 9 & 10 2019

You can register to the event here: https://goo.gl/forms/fMRSfeAcBZ8seMiQ2

The New EU Space Programme Regulation Proposal and the future of the EO Downstream Services Sector


Brussels, October 2018

The European EO Services industry welcomes the proposal for an EU Space Programme and looks forward to making a strong contribution to its’ success. Copernicus remains an extremely important programme for Europe and for our sector. It has demonstrated how to deliver critical information to European policy makers whilst enabling the services industry to develop business in new markets so delivering more highly-skilled jobs in Europe.

The industry already plays a key role in the delivery of the Copernicus Services, but we consider that a great deal more is possible; the proposed programme lays out a number of key measures which can help. Industry has invested strongly in the development of new products and services, many based on the Free and Open data from Copernicus and is ready to invest further. We believe that a partnership between industry and government will enable the best returns for all parties. In this paper we set out our views on a number of the factors which can help deliver these increased benefits for Europe and its policy makers.

IFHE Earth observation book- English version


English version of the IFHE book on “Earth observation from space, Optical and radar imagery :A European success” is now available. If you wish to get it please click here:

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