Oct 27, 2014

EARSC certification workshop


As a result of the first Certification workshop in April 2013 that agreed to go ahead and pilot the scheme with EARSC member companies based on the documentation supplied by Hollidge Consulting Limited. This pilot was conducted during 2014 and the results presented at a workshop hosted by the IOGP at the premises of Tullow Oil in Chiswick, London on 19th November 2014.

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EARSC certification workshop

The following conclusions were presented at the end of the workshop:

1. Based on the results of the pilots, the scheme is in a fit state to go forward for implementation:
a. It is complete and mature enough to go to the next steps
b. It is applicable to all sizes of EO companies
c. It is applicable and viable without requiring full ISO9001 compliance
d. It is ready for certification, once actions have been taken with respect to completeness of scheme documents.

2. There is sufficient interest to commence a study into a product certification scheme

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