Nov 25, 2014

OGP’s EO Subcommittee


Earth Observation (EO) can provide a number of geospatial information layers that can be used and re-used throughout a project life-cycle. To maximise the use of the geospatial information common standards are required to ensure standard delivery (format) and quality (consistent descriptions).

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OGP’s EO Subcommittee

Ensure both the oil and gas industry and the suppliers understand the benefits of having standard geospatial products and how they can contribute to safe, efficient oil and gas exploration and production (E&P).

The workshop hosted in Tullow Oil, London last 19 November was attended by more than 65 participants who agreed that this type of meeting was very important to strengthen links between the two communities.

The following issues were discussed in the plenary: Identify top ranking applications form the eo4og projects, better understanding on data requirements- access, compatibility and management and collaborations.