Jun 01, 2015

Developing the Downstream Sector


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We have been claiming for some time that it is essential to develop a formal dialogue between the industry and key decision makers; particularly those in the European Commission but also with ESA and Member States. Up to now, industry views have only been provided through specific meetings, corridor talk and only in an informal fashion.

Finally, the EC is prepared to establish a mechanism to engage with the industry and discussions have started about establishing a “structured dialogue” around space. As an input to the thinking on this we have developed some views on what are the key lines that need to be discussed. These are contained in our latest position paper on “Developing the Downstream EO Services Sector in Europe”. The paper can be downloaded here or from our web-site where all EARSC position papers can be found.

We have categorised the
1. Leverage Copernicus and improve the public-private interface
2. Research and Development
3. Market Structure and Uptake

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Download the position paper “EARSC views on European Geospatial services: Developing the Private Sector Capability (May) at http://www.earsc.org/file_download/238/EARSC+views+on+downsteam+development+final.pdf

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