Case Gallery

Apart from our case studies featured below, we conduct comprehensive sectorial studies on how Copernicus Sentinel data have impacted different sectors:


Long Study Reports

Farm Management Support in Poland Case document & Flyer
Growing Potatoes in Belgium Case document & Flyer
Navigation through Sea-ice off Greenland Case document & Flyer
Flood Management in Ireland  Case document & Flyer
Farm Management Support in Denmark Case document & Flyer
Infrastructure Monitoring in the Netherlands  Case document & Flyer
Forestry Management in Sweden  Case document & Flyer
Winter Navigation in the Baltic Case document & Flyer

Short reports

Golf Course Monitoring in Italy Case document & flyer
Global Oil Industry Activity Monitoring Case document & flyer
Illegal Wild Boar Activity in Lithuania Case document & flyer SeBS Cases EARSC
Assessing Geese Damage in the Netherlands Case document & flyer
Dredging in the Maldives Case document & flyer
Peatland Management in the UK Case document & flyer